Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zero-VOC Exterior Paint and Primer Sale

Much attention has been paid to interior paint and its effect on air quality, but it seems the exterior application of paints and stains has been misunderstood. There exists a common confusion among consumers as to the reasoning behind and benefits of going green when it comes to exterior painting. Traditional exterior paints contain chemicals that allow it to withstand the elements. However, because natural paints lack these chemicals, their use is limited to indoor applications. The eco-friendly exterior versions of these natural paints are considered to be green as long as they do not contain heavy metals or toxins. Because the outdoor air dilutes the effects of VOC's does not mean they do not have an impact on both the environment as well as the buildings tenants.

In traditional exterior products the excess amount of VOC's being emitted are reacting with the sunlight to create ground level ozone, which is a major contributor to smog, especially in densely populated areas. The newer Low-VOC and Zero-VOC products reduce the occurrence of this reaction. Outdoor painting projects also may affect indoor air quality if the off-gases of traditional paint make it into the home through open windows, doors, and vents.

Yolo Colorhouse carries a great line of exterior paints that are zero VOC, 100% acrylic for great performance, and 40% volume solids for excellent coverage. Right now through June 30th, purchase 5 gallons of Yolo Colorhouse exterior paint and receive one gallon of exterior primer for free, or purchase 15 gallons of exterior paint and receive one five gallon bucket of outside primer.

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