Thursday, April 9, 2009

Green Second Saturday

April 11th is right around the corner, which means the 'green' edition of Second Saturday's is too! Green Sacramento will have its doors open, ready to invite fellow art walkers in to learn and explore everything Green Sacramento has to offer. Many vendors and businesses are combining this 'green' Second Saturday with Earth Day, so look out for events celebrating both.

Some of the participating art galleries have art focused around a green theme, whether that be green the color, or green the movement. Vox, an artists coalition, is putting on a green show in West Sacramento, where they are currently located. It includes a long list of artists as well as a live band. In addition to the art, Vox will also be hosting an electronics recycling event, where they will be accepting cell phones and laptops. Electronics such as these carry many toxic chemicals, and a majority of them are sitting in a landfill because they were not properly disposed of. All the proceeds from this event will benefit local artists and art programs.

Green Second Saturday shows off just how art and sustainable design can coexist, and even make beautiful, if not amazing design. Its no wonder either, the environment is often an artists best inspiration, displaying a variety of not only color, but also amazing complexity. Make your way over to Green Sacramento for tips on being green and living a sustainable life.

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