Monday, October 26, 2009


Staying green during the holidays may seem like a daunting task but It doesn’t have to be. This Halloween try some of these ideas to lighten your impact:

Look in your closet for costume ideas you may already have something that would make a great costume for your self or your kids…use an old bed sheet as a toga or a cape. Get creative! Or set up a stitch switch, some of your friends may have some wonderful funky old clothes or costumes for you to use. Rent your costume, this is a great way to reuse a commercial costume over and over with out being the same thing year after year. Try your local thrift store (this could also be a good location to find decorations as well!) When you’re done you can re-donate your costume.

Pumpkins: Purchase your pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch instead of a grocery store. Better yet, if you have the resources grow your own pumpkins! This is a great learning opportunity for young children as well. Use the pumpkin “guts” in a recipe (Soup, Pie, Bread…) and cook up the seeds. This makes great party food! Don’t forget to compost the pumpkin shell after Halloween!

Send party invites online to save paper…there are plenty of fun E-cards out there to choose from. Serve local and seasonal party food from a local farmers market. There are farmer’s markets all over Sacramento almost every day of the week. Use reusable, recyclable or compostable party utensils and decorations. Black or Orange CFLs and themed LED holiday lights as well as reusable decorations are available online. Use apples, corn on the cob, pumpkins etc can be used as natural decorations.

Trick or Treats:
Healthy Trick or Treat treats that you may not have thought of include Honey Sticks, Fruit Leather, Organic Juice Boxes, and Dark Chocolate. Get creative with reusable trick or treat bags. For example a Witch could use a caldron and a Pirate could use a mini treasure chest to collect the goodies. Give out little treasures instead of treats, kids love toys! For more ideas and information go to: Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Green Sacramento