Monday, December 28, 2009

We’re Number 1!

Why Sacramento Looks Like The Place To Be For Green Jobs.

2 recent reports in the December 9th edition of the Sacramento Business Journal highlight the rise of Green Jobs in an otherwise stagnant economy.
Sacramento leads state in green job growth
Report: Green jobs booming in California

So how do you go about getting one of those “Green Jobs”?
Here’s the E3 NorCal Semi-Complete & Somewhat-Inclusive, Beginners Guide to Green Job Training:

PG&E Training Center:

SMUD Calendar of Classes: (nothing currently posted)

CACTUS- Community Alliance for Career Training and Utility Solutions:

Los Rios Community College GreenForce Initiative:

Saturn Online Energy Auditor Training:

HERS Rater Training:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making your holidays as Green as you want to be...

However we celebrate and enjoy this time of year, it's good to make an effort to lesson the impact of the season for the environment when and where we can.

Here are a couple of web pages with some ideas -- some that can help save money as well as the earth -- a double win.


Matthew Piner
Pinerworks Architecture & Building Group

Monday, December 7, 2009

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”: The DIY versus the Professional Home Energy Audit

Snow on the streets of Sacramento?

An afternoon high of 44 degrees and a low in the 20's?


Winter doesn't even officially start for another 2 weeks but like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan sing “Baby, it's cold outside.”

Too often our initial instinct is just to set the thermostat a little higher and hope the bill doesn't bankrupt us. But,there are simple things you things you can do to “weatherize” your house and literally stop the money from flowing out. Even small improvements can improve your comfort and lower your bill. What are these small improvements? Air Sealing and Weatherstripping combined with good old fashioned Elbow Grease are at the core of every home energy efficiency makeover.

Think of your house as a jacket. Theoretically; a jacket covers you, it keeps you warm and it keeps you dry. Now imagine that jacket is unzipped or it has a hole in it – every time the wind blows it fills with cold air and you shiver. Common sense tells you to zip it up or patch the hole.... in the energy auditing world we call this “Sealing the Envelope” with the “envelope” being your house. Air Infiltration is the culprit and can account for up to 35% of the heat loss in your home. I won't bore you with the math, but just remember this one fact: FOR EVERY CUBIC FOOT OF AIR THAT ENTERS YOUR HOUSE A CUBIC FOOT OF AIR LEAVES YOUR HOUSE. And the air that is leaving is taking the money you spent to heat it up with it. A typical well-insulated house can still have a complete change of it's ENTIRE volume of air as often as every half-hour because insulation alone is not an air barrier. To extend our envelope analogy- there are two components to aneffective jacket; the windbreaker and the insulation. Your house needs both. (An Example: we tested one old Victorian in Sacramento that had a complete air-change 7 times an hour, which helped to explain the $800 heating bills)

There are many on-line resources available to do-it-yourselfers and I have posted some of my favorite links:

When you want to take it to the next level that's where we at E3 NorCal step in. Think of it as putting your house on a treadmill. We bring in $20,000 worth of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, hunt down the energy wasters in your home and give you a 20+ page report detailing our findings, making cost effective recommendations and a full payback analysis.

If you have any energy related questions please call us at the Green Living Center, it would be our pleasure to work with you.

Tommy Young
E3 NorCal

Monday, October 26, 2009


Staying green during the holidays may seem like a daunting task but It doesn’t have to be. This Halloween try some of these ideas to lighten your impact:

Look in your closet for costume ideas you may already have something that would make a great costume for your self or your kids…use an old bed sheet as a toga or a cape. Get creative! Or set up a stitch switch, some of your friends may have some wonderful funky old clothes or costumes for you to use. Rent your costume, this is a great way to reuse a commercial costume over and over with out being the same thing year after year. Try your local thrift store (this could also be a good location to find decorations as well!) When you’re done you can re-donate your costume.

Pumpkins: Purchase your pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch instead of a grocery store. Better yet, if you have the resources grow your own pumpkins! This is a great learning opportunity for young children as well. Use the pumpkin “guts” in a recipe (Soup, Pie, Bread…) and cook up the seeds. This makes great party food! Don’t forget to compost the pumpkin shell after Halloween!

Send party invites online to save paper…there are plenty of fun E-cards out there to choose from. Serve local and seasonal party food from a local farmers market. There are farmer’s markets all over Sacramento almost every day of the week. Use reusable, recyclable or compostable party utensils and decorations. Black or Orange CFLs and themed LED holiday lights as well as reusable decorations are available online. Use apples, corn on the cob, pumpkins etc can be used as natural decorations.

Trick or Treats:
Healthy Trick or Treat treats that you may not have thought of include Honey Sticks, Fruit Leather, Organic Juice Boxes, and Dark Chocolate. Get creative with reusable trick or treat bags. For example a Witch could use a caldron and a Pirate could use a mini treasure chest to collect the goodies. Give out little treasures instead of treats, kids love toys! For more ideas and information go to: Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Green Sacramento

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Green Sacramento has moved to it's new location 919 H Street Sacramento CA 95811 (just 2 blocks down the street)

Green Sacramento moved to midtown just under two years ago with high hopes and great partnerships. But then the economy faltered and the building industry began to fall apart. 2009 has been a very challenging year for us full of trials and tribulations as the building industry in Sacramento continued to worsen and many of our partners began closing up shop. But we have been able to survive and find new partnerships that will make Green Sacramento and the opportunities for green building in Sacramento better than ever.

We moved to a new location at 919 20th Street, less than two blocks from our current location. Moving is very difficult for a retail store and confusing for customers, but this move was necessary for our survival and allows us much better opportunities for prosperity.

With this move to 919 20th Street we are partnering up with several small businesses to create The Green Living Center, a hub for green building in Sacramento. Along with Green Sacramento and Green Sacramento Construction, our partners in the building include PinerWorks Architecture, E3 / Norcal energy efficiency consultants and Claire Blocker Interior Design. Plus we will have more partners joining us in the coming weeks and months. Moving into a building with all these business allows for our customers to find a full range of products and services for creating healthier and more sustainable homes and businesses in one place and at one time. The people in all of these businesses are highly motivated by the social, ethical and sustainability opportunities addressed by green building and Iím honored to be associated with this group.

I want to apologize for the chaos and confusion of moving again, but thank all of our great customers for their understanding and support. So come visit us on October at our new location on 919 20th Street and enjoy 10% discounts on all countertop purchases.


Josh Daniels

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

EcoTimber Award Winning Wood Floors

It is always good news when someone in the green movement succeeds; it is particularly good news for us at Green Sacramento when the business in question is one of our suppliers and associates. Lately the flooring company EcoTimber has been recognized by several of the nation’s top authorities on green practices as a premier supplier of environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable floors. In late April, Green Building Pages held their annual Earth Day Awards which recognize the best green building products on the market. EcoTimber ‘Hand-Scraped,’ ‘Exotics’ and ‘Classics’ lines of hardwood flooring received three of the top ten awards. More recently, in early July, the San Francisco Business Journal nominated EcoTimber for a Green Business Award. The journal credits the best green companies in the Bay Area with its Green Business Awards every year. In the end, out of the 200 or more businesses nominated, EcoTimber was one of the two finalists for the category ‘Best Green Product,’ alongside nationally known Method, a green product line marketed by Target. Considering EcoTimber’s relatively small size and humble origins, this is an extraordinary and exciting achievement.

EcoTimber is devoted to forest protection and indoor air quality. They live up to their motto "Healthy Forests. Healthy Homes.” by only working with wood that comes from forests that satisfy the highest standards of sustainable forest management, and by using products that contain no chemicals harmful either to humans or to the environment. Moreover, EcoTimber floors are both long-lasting and extraordinarily beautiful, with rich, natural hues that range from pale bamboo to dark Patagonian Rosewood. Lifetime guarantees can be taken for granted with almost any EcoTimber floor, due to their unusual hardness. Despite these advantages, EcoTimber floors are comparable in price to conventional floors of a similar caliber.

Green Sacramento is proud to be able to work with EcoTimber to help “harness the marketplace to support sustainable forestry and forest conservation worldwide,” beginning right here in our beautiful city of Sacramento.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green redecorating / remodel on a budget PART2

The initial stages of a remodel can be daunting for homeowners, decreasing energy consumption is one of the primary goals of green remodeling. This can be achieved in a myriad small ways begun quite simply by fostering environmentally sound habits: turning off appliances and lights, decreasing use of heating or air-conditioning, etc.

Structurally, there are many ways of improving the energy efficiency of the home without putting unnecessary stress on one’s bank account. Sealing cracks and perforations that allow air leakage in ducts and pipes, and adding insulation to the attics, floors or walls are not particularly expensive renovations, yet they yield impressive results.

In one home improvement report, the money saved by the repaired and insulated ducts surpassed the initial cost of the improvements within two years, and continued to save the homeowners money. When one considers the amount of energy spent annually on heating or (as clearly evidenced by our most recent bout of infernal Sacramento heat) air conditioning, it makes sense that maximizing the efficiency of the systems that support these functions would be both profitable and environmentally sound.

There are many other simple ways of increasing the energy efficiency of your home. The implementation of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and fans can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a home and are relatively inexpensive, unlike other commendable –yet impractical—measures such as installing an all-new energy saving appliances or new, insulating windows. While it is true that both of these changes can help reduce energy consumption the overall effect on the energy level of the structure is minute, while the cost is quite high. For the same price, it is possible to make several other, smaller changes to the home, with a much greater affect upon the overall energy consumption, and a gentler effect upon one’s finances.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Green redecorating / remodel on a budget PART1

There is a time in the life of a house when remodeling, or at least redecorating is absolutely necessary: walls thirsty for paint, tired rooms begging to be rejuvenated. In our difficult economic times few people have the resources for such home improvements. However, it is not impossible to redecorate or remodel on a budget while still upholding green standards.

When preparing to remodel a home in a budget-conscious way, it is important to remember that green renovations increase longevity and lower energy bills.
When a room requires rejuvenation but not an actual remodel, the easiest and most effective way of changing the feeling of the space is to paint. The alteration or addition of color on one or more walls vitally changes the experience of the entire room, adding a feeling of cozy warmth or cool, refreshing space; and eco friendly paints are comparatively easy on the wallet (comparable in price to conventional, high quality paints).

To finish off the decoration process, it is important to remember that decorating “green” does not necessarily mean purchasing new, expensive, eco friendly items; green also means reusing and recycling. Making use of the contents of your attic, or visiting thrift- or antique-stores are ways of preventing used goods from ending up in landfills while adding a unique touch to your home.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Green Sacramento was founded 5 years ago with the idea of providing healthier and more sustainable building materials to the greater Sacramento area community. Over time we recognized another element of sustainability; product longevity through durability, functionality and aesthetics. So when customers come to Green Sacramento they can be assured that we have done our due diligence to ensure that our products meet very high standards in all of those areas and that our staff will understand our customers' needs and concerns. As the founder of Green Sacramento I truly believe that we provide a unique and invaluable service to the people of this area.

But like so many others right now, our business has been affected by the downturn in the economy and we hope friends and supporters can get the word out and help us get through these tough times. If you or any of your friends are in the midst of a project, just starting a remodel or have been putting off an upgrade we encourage you to stop by and visit our showroom for your home improvement needs. Our new sister company, Green Sacramento Builders is also available to provide construction services with a focus on energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

To further encourage both old and new customers to stop by we are having a sale starting right away on our in-stock inventory as follows:

10% off all AFM and Yolo paint and primer current inventory through July 11th

10% off all American Clay products current inventory through July 11th

All mis-tinted paints are available for $5 per quart and $10 per gallon

20% to 30% off other current inventory through the end of July including:
- Wood and concrete stains, finishes and sealants
- Limited quantities of Bamboo, Cork and Marmoleum Click flooring
- Various Sundries ñ Including paint brushes, canvas tarps and lead test kits

Plus we will be providing a discount on all brands and types of flooring through July 18th including cork, bamboo, carpet, Marmoleum and FSC wood as follows:
- 5% off all flooring on orders over 500sf
- 8% off all flooring on orders over 1000sf

Thank you for your support!

Josh Daniels
Owner, Green Sacramento

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making Your House An E-House

Its not very often we get to see all the energy efficient tools and products put to use in one location. SMUD has designed just that and it is sitting in their first floor "Center" here in the Sacramento office.

Showcasing all the energy saving techniques for building a home efficiently, this interactive, walk through, full scale model is very helpful in understanding the logic behind the uses of various materials and just how there products save energy. The E-House showcases everything from framing to duct work, to whole house fans, and includes an interactive video to explain more tips and provide additional information on home energy efficiency.

Green Sacramento provided SMUD with many of the materials seen in the E-House making them readily available here in Sacramento. Also, because Green Sacramento has recently expanded to include construction and deconstruction services, all modifications seen in the E-House can be not only be purchased through Green Sacramento, but also installed by Green Sacramento Builders.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green Sacramento Builders Launch Party

This Second Saturday, Green Sacramento Builders is officially launching and we are celebrating with music and art! Blvd Park will be performing along with two other special guests and local artists will be displaying some of their art on our walls. Please come and enjoy some music and art while helping us welcome GSB to our community.

In the three weeks since GSB was first mentioned here, they have been busy with many projects in the area. From roofing to kitchen remodels, GSB has hit the ground running and is providing the Sacramento area with sustainable materials as well as responsible practices.

So please stop by this Second Saturday and meet the people behind Green Sacramento Builders and enjoy some great music and art. We will be out there beginning at 5 until about 9 so be sure to stop by and check us out!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zero-VOC Exterior Paint and Primer Sale

Much attention has been paid to interior paint and its effect on air quality, but it seems the exterior application of paints and stains has been misunderstood. There exists a common confusion among consumers as to the reasoning behind and benefits of going green when it comes to exterior painting. Traditional exterior paints contain chemicals that allow it to withstand the elements. However, because natural paints lack these chemicals, their use is limited to indoor applications. The eco-friendly exterior versions of these natural paints are considered to be green as long as they do not contain heavy metals or toxins. Because the outdoor air dilutes the effects of VOC's does not mean they do not have an impact on both the environment as well as the buildings tenants.

In traditional exterior products the excess amount of VOC's being emitted are reacting with the sunlight to create ground level ozone, which is a major contributor to smog, especially in densely populated areas. The newer Low-VOC and Zero-VOC products reduce the occurrence of this reaction. Outdoor painting projects also may affect indoor air quality if the off-gases of traditional paint make it into the home through open windows, doors, and vents.

Yolo Colorhouse carries a great line of exterior paints that are zero VOC, 100% acrylic for great performance, and 40% volume solids for excellent coverage. Right now through June 30th, purchase 5 gallons of Yolo Colorhouse exterior paint and receive one gallon of exterior primer for free, or purchase 15 gallons of exterior paint and receive one five gallon bucket of outside primer.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vetrazzo Glass Orgins

Not only are Vetrazzo countertops beautiful, they are a great use of recycled glass. When looking at some of the glass, it is hard not to imagine where that glass came from, and what it used to be. Thankfully there are some industry standards that can help us find the origin of the glass in your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Colorless glass, also sometimes called clear glass, is just that, void of color. The most common place to find this glass is in the grocery store, mostly likely bottling some pasta sauce or some peanut butter. The glass with the most shade variation is green glass. Iron, chromium or copper are the metals used to "color" this glass, and the reason why there are so many different shades of this particular color. Wine is the most popular use for green glass because of its ability to keep sunlight and temperature from affecting the contents. Blue glass is a naturally occurring color due to iron impurities found in sand. Originally most popular before the 1920's, it is now used for ink and alcohol bottles. The last color of glass is brown glass, which is also known as "amber" glass. This glass is very similar to green glass, it is manufactured by adding nickel, sulfur and carbon. The most common use of this color glass is beer bottles, because of its ability to keep light out.

A great product, Vetrazzo is a beautiful way to add character to either a kitchen or bathroom, and knowing it is made from recycled materials makes it even more desirable and unique.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Truth About Cotton, and Why To Go Organic

Its everywhere and nobody ever seems to think twice about putting it on in the morning, crawling into it at night, or even pulling it out of the medicine bottle; that is, until the introduction of organic cotton. Rather than mentioning what's NOT in organic cotton, it is far scarier to discuss what is in the traditional stuff and how long these chemicals have been hiding.

The conventional method of farming cotton uses many chemicals in many forms, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and defoliants. The use of crop dusters are utilized heavily when farming cotton, in some cases crops are sprayed as many as ten times in one growing season. Whats worse? Five of the top nine pesticides known to case cancer are used in farming cotton, all of which are classified by the EPA as the most dangerous chemicals, type I or II. The unused parts of the cotton plant, the leaves, stems, and short fibers have a concentrated level of pesticide residue and is not allowed to be fed to livestock, so what do they do with it? Lets see, you sleep on a mattress, and sit on a sofa, and clean your ears with cotton swabs, all of which have the supersaturated, pesticide containing cotton.

Organic cotton is farmed on land that has not used pesticides for at least three years and uses beneficial insects to keep pest insects at bay. Given the choice, no chemicals sounds a whole of a heck lot better than known cancer causing carcinogens infiltrating my home. The cotton bedding sold at Green Sacramento is Coyuchi, and is an organic material. Offering more than just traditional sheets, blankets and duvet covers, Coyuchi also offers baby bedding.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunflower Board and Kirei

There are a lot of materials on the market today for home remodels and general construction and many people get lost in all the decisions they are making. However, one thing many homeowners rarely have the option on is Sheetrock, besides the color perhaps, which hopefully is a low VOC brand. There are a few products out there that are more sustainable than Sheetrock, have a completely new look, and can be used for more than just wall board.

Sunflower board is a composite material that utilizes bio-based technology, and is composed of sunflower seeds, which are rapidly renewable. The great thing about sunflower board is its versatility. It has hues of brown, yellow, and black outlines that create a great pattern. It can be stained like wood, cut like wood, and even routed like wood. Its uses go beyond wall board to include table surfaces, cabinetry, furniture, and interior decorative wall accents with the only limitation being kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Another great material is Kirei, made from the Sorghum plant and its leftover stalks after harvesting. These stalks are then heat-pressed with a non-toxic adhesive which creates a very strong, lightweight, multipurpose board. Common uses for Kirei include wall coverings, ceilings, cabinetry, furniture and flooring.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Changing Gears: Green Sacramento Builders

Green Sacramento has stepped up its efforts to be green, which allows us to become even more responsible for not only the products and chemicals we put into new developments, but also the handling and recycling of materials we are able to reclaim. Green Sacramento Builders offers tenant improvements, renovations, new construction, deconstruction, landscape and interior design. GSB sets itself apart with their expertise in LEED certified building, container structures, green roofs, advanced framing, and renewable energy.

Josh Daniels, the owner of Green Sacramento, has combined his extensive knowledge of green and eco-friendly products with the experienced director of operations, Randy Rosalex, as well as the project management expertise of Ron Conn. Together, Green Sacramento Builders was born out of a need for responsibility and innovation in construction.

The main ambition of GSB is to provide innovative, cost effective structures as well as unique homes while still maintaining a high level of functionality, a concern for the environment and ensuring a healthy space. From small renovation projects to larger, new construction, GSB has the ability to create sound environments conclusive to living a sustainable lifestyle.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Painting A Healthier Home

It is one of the biggest pollutants in any home, in fact it is the second largest ozone producer, coming in behind automobiles, and its all over your walls. A lot of the buzz surrounding paint right now has to do with VOC's, volatile organic compounds, which cause pollution, but what a lot of people may or not know is many paints with low VOC's may still contain toxins, which also cause pollution within the home. When looking for a paint, simply looking for a low VOC brand is no longer the standard, be sure to check for toxins which could also be lurking.

The benefits of low VOC paints and stains goes beyond health in the home. Many of these products are water based making clean up easy with just soap and water and they are deemed non-hazardous waste, which means their disposal is better for the environment. Low odor during application, no odor once cured, and no off gassing into the home, means the spaces can be occupied comfortably and safely sooner.

We carry both Yolo Colorhouse as well as AFM Safecoat interior and exterior paints, sealants, stains, cleaners, adhesives and coatings, which both meet the highest standards of low toxin, sustainable and non-pollution emitting products. In fact, Safecoat was the recipient of the Scientific Certification Systems' Indoor Air Quality Gold certification which recognizes their achievement of strict indoor air quality objectives in North America.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Green Second Saturday

April 11th is right around the corner, which means the 'green' edition of Second Saturday's is too! Green Sacramento will have its doors open, ready to invite fellow art walkers in to learn and explore everything Green Sacramento has to offer. Many vendors and businesses are combining this 'green' Second Saturday with Earth Day, so look out for events celebrating both.

Some of the participating art galleries have art focused around a green theme, whether that be green the color, or green the movement. Vox, an artists coalition, is putting on a green show in West Sacramento, where they are currently located. It includes a long list of artists as well as a live band. In addition to the art, Vox will also be hosting an electronics recycling event, where they will be accepting cell phones and laptops. Electronics such as these carry many toxic chemicals, and a majority of them are sitting in a landfill because they were not properly disposed of. All the proceeds from this event will benefit local artists and art programs.

Green Second Saturday shows off just how art and sustainable design can coexist, and even make beautiful, if not amazing design. Its no wonder either, the environment is often an artists best inspiration, displaying a variety of not only color, but also amazing complexity. Make your way over to Green Sacramento for tips on being green and living a sustainable life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reducing Your Bills With Home Energy Audits

Energy efficient appliances and energy efficient lighting are a great way to start an efficient home but if you want to do more or take that next step, its hard to know where to turn to next. With home energy audits, homeowners are allowed the opportunity to discover and pinpoint areas in their homes where energy is leaking out doors and windows and may also show you how to conserve hot water as well as electricity. These audits can be done either professionally or independently by homeowners. Professional home energy audits include room by room investigations of doors, windows and walls, looking for air leaks as well as insulation problems that allow heat loss. Also, many times these audits will include a measurement of the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. By pin pointing the problem areas where air either leaks in or out of the home, homeowners have the opportunity to make changes they know will reduce energy waste and save money on heating and cooling bills during the changing seasons. It is also very common for new homeowners to investigate the energy efficiency when looking to purchase a home and writing these audits into a clause in the contract, making sure the structure, even if new construction , is energy efficient. A great source for more information is the U.S. Department of Energy's "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" website. There are tips to conducting your own audit as well as ways to prepare your home for a professional one and what to look for when choosing an auditor.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day!

Sacramento is bubbling with events for Earth Day and this year it is revolving around a celebration of a more sustainable Sacramento. In addition to the celebration on April 26 at Southside Park, which will include food, activities, and bands, there are many other businesses and attractions offering up a celebration of their own. One of the first Earth Day celebrations this year is taking place on April 4th, and it is at the Sacramento Zoo. Earth Fest is "a party for the planet" with crafts, entertainment, a recycle rummage sale, and of course, zoo exhibits. In the downtown area, at the California EPA Headquarters, there is an art exhibition called "Particulates Matter" on April 22nd. This is being held in conjunction with California's EPA 'Take Your Child to Work Day', so there will be art suited for children as well as adults. With the main focus on health effects of particulate matter (lung cancer and asthma) local artists give their rendition of just what it means to them. Another fun event for those who would like to get a little more involved is happening on April 25th at the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. PG&E and many other sponsors are hosting a clean up event for such locations as Negro Bar, Granite Bay, Beal's Point, Brown's Ravine, and Willow Creek.

Green Sacramento will be participating in a couple events as well in the area, one of them being the Southside Park celebration, so be sure to stop by and say 'hi'. We also will be participating in an event at Plaza 555 from 11 am to 1 pm with food, drinks and other earth friendly vendors. In fact, Green Sacramento will be celebrating the entire week, starting on April 13 through April 22, Josh Daniels, the owner of Green Sacramento, will be featured on News 10's website discussing everything green. Earth Day celebrates awareness and appreciation for the earth and its resources, so show your consideration and participate in one of the many events put on in Sacramento.

Contact Information for Earth Day Events:
Southside Park:
Sacramento Zoo:
"Particulates Matter" Art Exhibition:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sacramento's Urban Edge

From the Natomas Gateway Tower to the CalSTRS building in West Sacramento and even Hot Italian, the new pizza and panini bar in downtown, Sacramento has been showing its greener side. Green design is definitely taking over the construction of some of the largest, and most visible buildings in the area and the developers are as excited as ever to offer its tenants the benefits of working in these low toxin, low chemical, sustainable buildings. There has not been a whole lot of buzz about residential homes that have been built, or even renovated utilizing green products, but there definitely is an interest and outcry for these products. Green design is taking over the building industry and Green Sacramento is at the head of the revolution, providing Sacramento with its own urban edge. In fact, Sacramento as a whole is the thirteenth greenest city in the county according to SustainLane’s 2006 list of top sustainable cities. Sacramento's Tree Foundation’s Greenprint initiative is referred to as the most impressive program in the nation. This initiative aims to double the current tree canopy in the urban areas of Sacramento by planting five million new trees which will improve air quality and increase energy conservation. With Sacramento's urban edge growing, Green Sacramento is looking for ways to keep the community involved. Look for our calendar soon with eco- friendly and green events in the downtown areas!