Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day!

Sacramento is bubbling with events for Earth Day and this year it is revolving around a celebration of a more sustainable Sacramento. In addition to the celebration on April 26 at Southside Park, which will include food, activities, and bands, there are many other businesses and attractions offering up a celebration of their own. One of the first Earth Day celebrations this year is taking place on April 4th, and it is at the Sacramento Zoo. Earth Fest is "a party for the planet" with crafts, entertainment, a recycle rummage sale, and of course, zoo exhibits. In the downtown area, at the California EPA Headquarters, there is an art exhibition called "Particulates Matter" on April 22nd. This is being held in conjunction with California's EPA 'Take Your Child to Work Day', so there will be art suited for children as well as adults. With the main focus on health effects of particulate matter (lung cancer and asthma) local artists give their rendition of just what it means to them. Another fun event for those who would like to get a little more involved is happening on April 25th at the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. PG&E and many other sponsors are hosting a clean up event for such locations as Negro Bar, Granite Bay, Beal's Point, Brown's Ravine, and Willow Creek.

Green Sacramento will be participating in a couple events as well in the area, one of them being the Southside Park celebration, so be sure to stop by and say 'hi'. We also will be participating in an event at Plaza 555 from 11 am to 1 pm with food, drinks and other earth friendly vendors. In fact, Green Sacramento will be celebrating the entire week, starting on April 13 through April 22, Josh Daniels, the owner of Green Sacramento, will be featured on News 10's website discussing everything green. Earth Day celebrates awareness and appreciation for the earth and its resources, so show your consideration and participate in one of the many events put on in Sacramento.

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