Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vetrazzo Glass Orgins

Not only are Vetrazzo countertops beautiful, they are a great use of recycled glass. When looking at some of the glass, it is hard not to imagine where that glass came from, and what it used to be. Thankfully there are some industry standards that can help us find the origin of the glass in your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Colorless glass, also sometimes called clear glass, is just that, void of color. The most common place to find this glass is in the grocery store, mostly likely bottling some pasta sauce or some peanut butter. The glass with the most shade variation is green glass. Iron, chromium or copper are the metals used to "color" this glass, and the reason why there are so many different shades of this particular color. Wine is the most popular use for green glass because of its ability to keep sunlight and temperature from affecting the contents. Blue glass is a naturally occurring color due to iron impurities found in sand. Originally most popular before the 1920's, it is now used for ink and alcohol bottles. The last color of glass is brown glass, which is also known as "amber" glass. This glass is very similar to green glass, it is manufactured by adding nickel, sulfur and carbon. The most common use of this color glass is beer bottles, because of its ability to keep light out.

A great product, Vetrazzo is a beautiful way to add character to either a kitchen or bathroom, and knowing it is made from recycled materials makes it even more desirable and unique.


  1. daltile Sac carries the urbanslab product, made with post consumer glass

  2. Vetrazzo is gorgeous! So cool to have product like that made right here in NorCal!