Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reducing Your Bills With Home Energy Audits

Energy efficient appliances and energy efficient lighting are a great way to start an efficient home but if you want to do more or take that next step, its hard to know where to turn to next. With home energy audits, homeowners are allowed the opportunity to discover and pinpoint areas in their homes where energy is leaking out doors and windows and may also show you how to conserve hot water as well as electricity. These audits can be done either professionally or independently by homeowners. Professional home energy audits include room by room investigations of doors, windows and walls, looking for air leaks as well as insulation problems that allow heat loss. Also, many times these audits will include a measurement of the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. By pin pointing the problem areas where air either leaks in or out of the home, homeowners have the opportunity to make changes they know will reduce energy waste and save money on heating and cooling bills during the changing seasons. It is also very common for new homeowners to investigate the energy efficiency when looking to purchase a home and writing these audits into a clause in the contract, making sure the structure, even if new construction , is energy efficient. A great source for more information is the U.S. Department of Energy's "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" website. There are tips to conducting your own audit as well as ways to prepare your home for a professional one and what to look for when choosing an auditor.

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