Thursday, April 16, 2009

Changing Gears: Green Sacramento Builders

Green Sacramento has stepped up its efforts to be green, which allows us to become even more responsible for not only the products and chemicals we put into new developments, but also the handling and recycling of materials we are able to reclaim. Green Sacramento Builders offers tenant improvements, renovations, new construction, deconstruction, landscape and interior design. GSB sets itself apart with their expertise in LEED certified building, container structures, green roofs, advanced framing, and renewable energy.

Josh Daniels, the owner of Green Sacramento, has combined his extensive knowledge of green and eco-friendly products with the experienced director of operations, Randy Rosalex, as well as the project management expertise of Ron Conn. Together, Green Sacramento Builders was born out of a need for responsibility and innovation in construction.

The main ambition of GSB is to provide innovative, cost effective structures as well as unique homes while still maintaining a high level of functionality, a concern for the environment and ensuring a healthy space. From small renovation projects to larger, new construction, GSB has the ability to create sound environments conclusive to living a sustainable lifestyle.

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