Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Windfall Lumber

Beautiful, Durable, Simple, Sustainable, Unique… all are qualities desired in a countertop.

Windfall Wooden Countertops possess all these traits and more. Made in Tumwater, WA from sustainably harvested Northwest hardwoods and reclaimed exotic timber, Windfall Lumber provides an unparalleled butcher-block countertop.

Every countertop produced by Windfall Lumber has a story. For instance the African Hardwood Blend is FSC Certified Recycled and it comes from used pallets made in West Africa for use in the United States. The Western Black Walnut is salvaged wood from Northwest Orchards.

Many of the wood species come in either side grain or end grain, giving the same species a completely different look. These countertops maybe stained, finished and refinished with OSMO natural wood finishing products allowing for a greater range of customization for your project. OSMO products are also available at Green Sacramento.

Please visit Green Sacramento for samples and pricing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Squak Mountain Stone

Squak Mountain Stone is back at Green Sacramento.

Warm to the touch and rustic in appearance, Squak Mountain Stone is a truly unique countertop experience. Squak Mountain Stone is a lightweight countertop that resembles limestone in its "natural" color variation and texture, but is hand-cast in Seattle, WA.

Armed with a new formula, Squak Mountain Stone is now made with over 50% recycled paper and glass, as well as low carbon cement. All of the materials used in creating a slab of Squak Mountain Stone are sourced from the local Seattle community.

With Squak Mountain Stone you get all of the benefits of a beautiful stone countertop but with added peace of mind. Squak Mountain Stone comes in five colors and two sizes. Please visit Green Sacramento for samples and pricing.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eco by Cosentino

Want a countertop that contributes toward LEED points, is Cradle to Cradle certified, and Greenguard certified? Look no further, Eco by Cosentino may be the answer for you.

Eco by Cosentino is a virtually non porous countertop material that is stain, scratch and scorch resistant. Made with 75% recycled content, Eco by Cosentino includes:
· Porcelain from used china, tiles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and decorative pieces
· Mirror from homes, commercial buildings, factories
· Glass from vehicle windshields, windows, bottles, and from consumer recycling programs
· Stone scraps left over from other solid surfacing projects and industrial processes
· Crystallized ash from industrial furnace residuals

The resin used to bind the materials of Eco by Cosentino is partially produced from corn oil. During the manufacturing process of Eco by Cosentino 94% of water used is cleaned and reused, and 99% of VOCs produced are purified at the factory. The company also participates in quarry restoration programs.

Eco by Cosentino is available in ten colors and has a 5 year limited warranty. Please visit Green Sacramento for samples and pricing and take advantage a 10% discount through the end of February on all of our pre-made slabs.

Green Sacramento
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