Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green redecorating / remodel on a budget PART2

The initial stages of a remodel can be daunting for homeowners, decreasing energy consumption is one of the primary goals of green remodeling. This can be achieved in a myriad small ways begun quite simply by fostering environmentally sound habits: turning off appliances and lights, decreasing use of heating or air-conditioning, etc.

Structurally, there are many ways of improving the energy efficiency of the home without putting unnecessary stress on one’s bank account. Sealing cracks and perforations that allow air leakage in ducts and pipes, and adding insulation to the attics, floors or walls are not particularly expensive renovations, yet they yield impressive results.

In one home improvement report, the money saved by the repaired and insulated ducts surpassed the initial cost of the improvements within two years, and continued to save the homeowners money. When one considers the amount of energy spent annually on heating or (as clearly evidenced by our most recent bout of infernal Sacramento heat) air conditioning, it makes sense that maximizing the efficiency of the systems that support these functions would be both profitable and environmentally sound.

There are many other simple ways of increasing the energy efficiency of your home. The implementation of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and fans can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a home and are relatively inexpensive, unlike other commendable –yet impractical—measures such as installing an all-new energy saving appliances or new, insulating windows. While it is true that both of these changes can help reduce energy consumption the overall effect on the energy level of the structure is minute, while the cost is quite high. For the same price, it is possible to make several other, smaller changes to the home, with a much greater affect upon the overall energy consumption, and a gentler effect upon one’s finances.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Green redecorating / remodel on a budget PART1

There is a time in the life of a house when remodeling, or at least redecorating is absolutely necessary: walls thirsty for paint, tired rooms begging to be rejuvenated. In our difficult economic times few people have the resources for such home improvements. However, it is not impossible to redecorate or remodel on a budget while still upholding green standards.

When preparing to remodel a home in a budget-conscious way, it is important to remember that green renovations increase longevity and lower energy bills.
When a room requires rejuvenation but not an actual remodel, the easiest and most effective way of changing the feeling of the space is to paint. The alteration or addition of color on one or more walls vitally changes the experience of the entire room, adding a feeling of cozy warmth or cool, refreshing space; and eco friendly paints are comparatively easy on the wallet (comparable in price to conventional, high quality paints).

To finish off the decoration process, it is important to remember that decorating “green” does not necessarily mean purchasing new, expensive, eco friendly items; green also means reusing and recycling. Making use of the contents of your attic, or visiting thrift- or antique-stores are ways of preventing used goods from ending up in landfills while adding a unique touch to your home.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Green Sacramento was founded 5 years ago with the idea of providing healthier and more sustainable building materials to the greater Sacramento area community. Over time we recognized another element of sustainability; product longevity through durability, functionality and aesthetics. So when customers come to Green Sacramento they can be assured that we have done our due diligence to ensure that our products meet very high standards in all of those areas and that our staff will understand our customers' needs and concerns. As the founder of Green Sacramento I truly believe that we provide a unique and invaluable service to the people of this area.

But like so many others right now, our business has been affected by the downturn in the economy and we hope friends and supporters can get the word out and help us get through these tough times. If you or any of your friends are in the midst of a project, just starting a remodel or have been putting off an upgrade we encourage you to stop by and visit our showroom for your home improvement needs. Our new sister company, Green Sacramento Builders is also available to provide construction services with a focus on energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

To further encourage both old and new customers to stop by we are having a sale starting right away on our in-stock inventory as follows:

10% off all AFM and Yolo paint and primer current inventory through July 11th

10% off all American Clay products current inventory through July 11th

All mis-tinted paints are available for $5 per quart and $10 per gallon

20% to 30% off other current inventory through the end of July including:
- Wood and concrete stains, finishes and sealants
- Limited quantities of Bamboo, Cork and Marmoleum Click flooring
- Various Sundries ñ Including paint brushes, canvas tarps and lead test kits

Plus we will be providing a discount on all brands and types of flooring through July 18th including cork, bamboo, carpet, Marmoleum and FSC wood as follows:
- 5% off all flooring on orders over 500sf
- 8% off all flooring on orders over 1000sf

Thank you for your support!

Josh Daniels
Owner, Green Sacramento