Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making Your House An E-House

Its not very often we get to see all the energy efficient tools and products put to use in one location. SMUD has designed just that and it is sitting in their first floor "Center" here in the Sacramento office.

Showcasing all the energy saving techniques for building a home efficiently, this interactive, walk through, full scale model is very helpful in understanding the logic behind the uses of various materials and just how there products save energy. The E-House showcases everything from framing to duct work, to whole house fans, and includes an interactive video to explain more tips and provide additional information on home energy efficiency.

Green Sacramento provided SMUD with many of the materials seen in the E-House making them readily available here in Sacramento. Also, because Green Sacramento has recently expanded to include construction and deconstruction services, all modifications seen in the E-House can be not only be purchased through Green Sacramento, but also installed by Green Sacramento Builders.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green Sacramento Builders Launch Party

This Second Saturday, Green Sacramento Builders is officially launching and we are celebrating with music and art! Blvd Park will be performing along with two other special guests and local artists will be displaying some of their art on our walls. Please come and enjoy some music and art while helping us welcome GSB to our community.

In the three weeks since GSB was first mentioned here, they have been busy with many projects in the area. From roofing to kitchen remodels, GSB has hit the ground running and is providing the Sacramento area with sustainable materials as well as responsible practices.

So please stop by this Second Saturday and meet the people behind Green Sacramento Builders and enjoy some great music and art. We will be out there beginning at 5 until about 9 so be sure to stop by and check us out!