Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Painting A Healthier Home

It is one of the biggest pollutants in any home, in fact it is the second largest ozone producer, coming in behind automobiles, and its all over your walls. A lot of the buzz surrounding paint right now has to do with VOC's, volatile organic compounds, which cause pollution, but what a lot of people may or not know is many paints with low VOC's may still contain toxins, which also cause pollution within the home. When looking for a paint, simply looking for a low VOC brand is no longer the standard, be sure to check for toxins which could also be lurking.

The benefits of low VOC paints and stains goes beyond health in the home. Many of these products are water based making clean up easy with just soap and water and they are deemed non-hazardous waste, which means their disposal is better for the environment. Low odor during application, no odor once cured, and no off gassing into the home, means the spaces can be occupied comfortably and safely sooner.

We carry both Yolo Colorhouse as well as AFM Safecoat interior and exterior paints, sealants, stains, cleaners, adhesives and coatings, which both meet the highest standards of low toxin, sustainable and non-pollution emitting products. In fact, Safecoat was the recipient of the Scientific Certification Systems' Indoor Air Quality Gold certification which recognizes their achievement of strict indoor air quality objectives in North America.

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